Running Map – Staten Island Greenbelt

Staten Island:
Cloves Lake Park and Silver Lake Park, Staten Island Greenbelt

The Staten Island Greenbelt

The Staten Island Greenbelt is a chain of parks in the center of Staten Island. This collection has the most trails within the five boroughs, so if you are looking for lots of soft surface running this is the place to go. There are a number of options here, so you’ll have to visit more than once. In the map above, I’ve also labeled Cloves Lake Park and Great Kills Park, which are connected by trails to the Greenbelt for longer runs and more variety.

The Trails

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There are four major foot trails in the Greenbelt which are clearly marked. None of them are absolutely flat. These trails are hilly, with the yellow trail being the hilliest.

Blue Trail

This 8-mile trail is the longest of the loops and connects to the various other trails at different points in the run. In the northeastern corner, you can follow a trail to Cloves Lake Park for a few more miles.

White Trail

This trail runs generally north and south through Meadowbrook Park and LaTourette Park, and eventually connects to Great Kills Park. The trail is about 5.6 miles long.

Red Trail

This loop measures about 3.8 miles. The trail begins and ends at Historic Richmond Town at St. Patrick’s Place which is the southern part of LaTourette Park.

Yellow Trail

The hilliest of the four trails. It is about 6.6-miles and the trail will bring you to Todt Hill (410 ft elevation – highest point on the eastern seaboard).

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These directions will take you to the Greenbelt Nature Center, which is right in the middle of the Greenbelt. This will give you access to all the trails.

From the Verazzano-Narrows Bridge: Take Route 278 West to the Bradley Ave. exit. From the service road, turn left on to Bradley Ave. Continue until you reach the intersection of Bradley and Brielle avenues., turn right and go to end of road, which leads to Nature Center parking lot. From the Outerbridge Crossing: Take the Richmond Parkway to the Richmond Ave. North exit. Turn left on to Richmond Ave. and pass the mall. Turn right on Rockland Ave. Proceed approximately 2 miles to the intersection of Brielle Ave. Parking lot is on the right.

Public Transportation: By bus from the Staten Island Ferry Terminal: Take the S62 bus to Bradley Avenue. Transfer to the S57 bus, which will take you to the Brielle and Rockland Ave. stop. Cross the street at the light.