Running Map – Pelham Bay Park (South)

Bronx: Van Cortlandt Park, Old Croton Aqueduct, Pelham Bay Park (South), Pelham Bay Park (Golf Courses), Pelham Bay Park (Orchard Beach)

Pelham Bay Park South

For some reason when people talk about running in New York City, they’ll mention all of the major parks except for the largest park in New York City – Pelham Bay Park. They are all interconnected and can be run as a single long run, but I’m going to separate it into three different sections. This one is obviously about the South.

Map of Pelham Bay Park

Pelham Bay Park
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Pelham Bay Park South and the Rice Stadium

Pelham Bay Park South

There are a couple of miles to be had here. You could take the loop highlighted in orange above for a little more than 1.25 miles or you can just explore and run for time. So, why write about a small couple miles of run? Well, those couple miles are perfect as a warm-up/cool-down run before your speed workout at Rice Stadium’s 400m mondo track. It is beautiful. I’ll have to get some photos of it next time I’m up there. It is an 8-lane track, each lane alternating in color between blue and gold.

There is just one note I should mention about this park. Just north east of the highlighted loop is an old landfill. They have planted grass over it, but I wouldn’t go run over there. Although I haven’t been there when it rains, I hear that it can get kind of smelly – not good. You have been warned.

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  • Subway: Take the 6 Train to the last stop in the Bronx. You’ll be arriving in the northwest corner of the park.