Running Map – Old Croton Aqueduct (Van Cortlandt to Tibbetts)

Bronx: Van Cortlandt Park, Old Croton Aqueduct, Pelham Bay Park (South), Pelham Bay Park (Golf Courses), Pelham Bay Park (Orchard Beach)

Old Croton Aqueduct Trail to Tibbetts Brooks Park

Here is one of the secrets of Van Cortlandt Park. Runners who have traveled the same course loops over and over will appreciate this gem. An out and back run can be around 7 miles depending on when you turn back and which side trails you may venture onto. Besides the initial paved roads aligning the golf course, you’ll be treated to a nice trail run with plenty of shade all the way to Tibbetts Brook Park – another good place to tack on a few extra miles if you want double digits for the day.

I should note that this trail may be hard to find at first, but take a closer look at this
PDF. You’ll be going under the parkway as you turn right from the golf course. Also note that there are a lot of trails up there in Croton Woods. Have fun and explore!

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  • Running: This is a connection between Van Cortlandt Park and Tibbetts Brook Park, so you can catch this trail from either location.
  • Subway: Take the 1 Train to the last stop in the Bronx. The map above starts right from the base of the stairs.