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Run to Win: Training Secrets of the Kenyan Runners, Jurg Wirz

RYC-Rating:4 of 5 stars

I think we’ve all wondered what the Kenyans and Ethiopians are doing that makes them so fast, so when I stumbled upon this book I had to pick it up. “Run to Win: Training Secrets of the Kenyan Runners”, by Jurg Wirz is an interesting read and a good book.

So, let’s get straight to it! Does this book reveal the secrets of the Kenyans? I think it does a fair job doing it. The first half of the book is mainly history, but in the second half the author explains the Kenyan diet, culture, psychology, and training philosophy. Although, it won’t make me an Olympic Champion, this new information made me rethink some of the training that I do and prescribe as a coach.

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